Highest quality mental health care

At Augusta Clinic, we are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality mental health care. Our supportive GPs can help you through the process of making a Mental Health Care Plan and getting you the help you need. Further referrals to mental health professionals and care providers are an option as well.

Our psychologist Nikki Marshall is an Australian trained Registered Psychologist with over 25 years clinical experience.

Nikki is open to working with clients age 12 and over. A family inclusive approach is favoured for clients under the age of 16. She is comfortable supporting clients with the following:

  • anxiety including OCD
  • depression and low mood
  • stress & burnout
  • substance issues
  • grief and loss
  • processing childhood trauma
  • fertility issues
  • peri and post natal support including PND
  • adjustment challenges
  • parenting support
  • relationship issues
  • bullying
  • school and work based issues
  • suicidal ideation and self harm