Dr Gary Wilson


Dr Gary Wilson is a Liverpool, UK born, Australia raised Univ. of WA graduate who has 39 years experience in general practice.  He locumed all over Sydney whilst also working as a semi-professional musician with his identical twin brother [also a GP] notably in the Western Suburbs in the ’80’s and ’90’s. There he developed an interest in human nature, geriatrics, mental health and addiction. Upon return to WA, he did post-graduate training in GP-based psychiatry and trained part-time for 4+1/2yrs as a psycho-analytic psychotherapist. He works in Margaret River MC and Augusta Clinic and visits a residential alcohol and drug rehabilitation facility once-a-week outside Nannup.  He has his own recording studio and has written music for TV documentaries & soundtracks including for Discovery Channel & Cavendish & EMI Publishing. His best attribute is his wife Jane. His religion is kindness.